Stephanie Alvarenga

Happy Coach and hypnosis in Katy, TX

Greetings, I'm Stephanie. I'm a Happy Coach specializing in Child and Teen Trauma. I am a survivor of my past traumas and use my skills to help Children and Teenagers overcome issues and obstacles. I live in Katy, TX, and work in Houston, TX.

Our ToolBox:

I use a technique called Rapid Transformation therapy. This consist of putting a person in hypnosis, going through regression, reviewing the root of the issue, and rewiring the brain.

Sessions can be 60 to 120 minutes, depending on the age of the child/teen.

I also use Inner child work to help heal the inner child, along with self-love coaching.

My goal: Every Child deserves love, respect, and to be heard.

I work on a paying scale. Every child is welcomed. Please message me for more details. Don't let your child live with their inner demons.

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