Stephanie Alvarenga

Happy Coach, hypnosis, and mentor in Houston, TX

Greetings, I'm Stephanie. I live in Katy, TX, and work in Houston, TX. I am a survivor of my past traumas. I use my skills to help my clients fall into deep relaxation to remove stress and anxiety with my coaching, mentoring, and hypnosis.

Our ToolBox:

I use a technique called Rapid Transformation therapy. This consist of putting a person in hypnosis, going through regression, reviewing the root of the issue, and rewiring the brain.

For addiction and trauma: I host an all-women's and an all-men's class each week to help provide a safe environment for us to vent, let go, and work on current and past traumas.

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I provide one-on-one classes, mentoring, Hypnosis, and coaching.

Online and in-person

If you want one-on-one coaching or hypnosis, please request a free consultation to discuss what works best.

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Children/Teens 5-17

For our wonderful children, I understand that they, too, suffer from stress, anxiety, and peer pressure. I like to use my one-on-one coaching and RTT. This combined will help a child with the struggles they are having and help them gain skills and confidence to be the best person they want to be. If your child is suffering from stress, anxiety, lack of motivation, or is anti-social, don't hesitate to get in touch with me here:

My goal: Every person deserves love, respect, and to be heard.

There is no amount worth you changing your life. I want to provide anyone willing to invest in themselves a chance for change; that is why I work off a paying scale. Please message me for more details.

Stop letting your past traumas, addictions and regrets run your life! Take your first step with me, and let's work on your healing journey together at your pace.

  • Work
    • SMS Clear Concepts DBA RTB SPA
  • Education
    • RTT®
    • Happy Coach Certificate
    • Certified Addiction Recovery Coach
    • Certified Abuse Recovery Coach
    • Certified Spiritual Counselor
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